Introduction to TICO

About TICO

The travel Industry Council of Ontario (or TICO for short) is Ontario's travel industry regulator responsible for consumer protection laws. All travel agencies, booking websites, and tour operators in Ontario are regulated by TICO. By law, anyone who sells travel or provides travel advice must pass a certification exam with TICO. The travel industry is once again growing and there are many career opportunities for individuals who are interested in travel, sales, and customer service.

Opportunity for travel professionals across the industry

There is significant demand and opportunity for travel professionals across the industry:

  • with travel agencies,
  • online booking websites,
  • and tour operators.
You can also become a home-based travel advisor, or open your own business.

There are dozens of travel industry roles that all begin by completing an online certification program with TICO.

TICO certification program

TICO certification program can be completed in a short time frame, it's convenient and affordable. You can study at your own pace and complete the exam online from the comfort of your own home. By obtaining your TICO certification, you let employers know that you have achieved a professional standard and you're ready to work in the industry.

A TICO certification is your passport to the travel industry!

A TICO certification is your passport to the travel industry. The travel industry offers flexible work arrangements. Whether you want to work full-time, part-time daytime evenings weekdays, or weekends - you can often choose when you want to work.

Variety in where you work

The industry also offers variety in where you work and welcomes you whether you are:

  • starting your first career,
  • transitioning to something new,
  • or looking for a rewarding part-time job.
The first step is to complete the certification program offered by TICO, Ontario's travel industry regulator.

Whether a client is looking to explore Canada, connect with business colleagues abroad, visit family and friends, or journey on a once in a lifetime international adventure. Travel professionals transform dreams into memorable experiences. Individuals who work as travel professionals provide expert knowledge to support their clients.

To become TICO certified

Good news! Completing the program to become TICO certified is convenient and affordable. It's no wonder the travel industry attracts individuals from a wide variety of communities with diverse backgrounds experiences in education. What sets Ontario travel professionals apart? Ontario has raised the bar and requires anyone selling travel services to be certified by TICO this achievement sets you up for success in the travel industry. Achieving TICO certification tells future employers that you're ready to get started why not take a few minutes to explore how TICO certification could be your passport to a rewarding new career? Visit get started to learn more and get started today.