TICO Education Standards

The Study Manual, chapter quizzes, and sample exams are made available to students free of charge. However, in order to attempt the certification exam(s), students will be charged $35 for each individual exam, or $50 if paying for the Travel Counsellor and Supervisor/Manager exams together.

The certification exam are closed-book and monitored with Oliver's Proctoring System (OPS)™ which enables you to take this exam in the comfort of your own home.

Travel Counsellor Program

The Travel Counsellor program consists of six chapters, the content of which is the basis for the Travel Counsellor exam.

Supervisor/Manager Program

The Supervisor/Manager program consists of four required chapters, the content of which is the basis for the Supervisor/Manager exam.

Combination Program

The combination program consists of all ten chapters for the Travel Counsellor and the Supervisor/Manager exams.

Programme de Conseiller en Voyages

Le programme du conseiller en voyages comporte les six chapitre requis pour l’examen de conseiller en voyages.

Programme de Superviseur/Gestionnaire d’Agence

Le programme de superviseur/gestionnaire comprend quatre chapitres obligatoires, dont le contenu constitue la base de l’examen pour les superviseurs/gestionnaires.

Programme Combiné

Le programme combiné comporte les dix chapitres requis pour les examens de conseiller en voyages et de superviseur/gestionnaire.