The Protocol describes principles to guide learners as they study and attempt their exam(s). It includes examples of prohibited behaviours. The Protocol also describes the process for reporting a suspected breach of the Protocol and the consequences for violating the Protocol which may include exam disqualification.

TICO Exam Protocol

The purpose of the Protocol is to define the standards of conduct and behaviour expected from all individuals enrolled in TICO’s online professional education courses and exams delivered on the Oliver’s Solutions platform.

Exam Process

The Oliver’s Solutions learning platform requires a software download that allows students to complete their certification exams from the comfort of their home and remain compliant. All exam sessions are online and monitored both by audio and video (webcam) while students complete their certification exam. It also will prevent students from accessing other websites and allow only one monitor to be connected during the exam.

Following each exam session, Oliver’s will review the audio/video for compliance prior to sending a student’s final mark (pass/fail).

Expected Student Behaviour

All students are expected to exhibit the following behaviour:

  • Directly face their webcam and have their face visible at all times.
  • Agree to be audio and video recorded during the exam. These recordings will be kept on file.
  • Ensure that no one else is sitting next to, in front of or behind them
  • Ensure no one is communicating with them in any way.
  • Not look at or refer to reference material of any kind.
  • Not have anyone assist them with the exam in any way after it begins.
  • Not have notes or reference material(s) of any kind in any way accessible to them during the exam.
  • Not copy or try to obtain answers from others to examination questions.
  • Not use prohibited devices, such as cell phones or personal digital devices during the exam.
  • Not collect, copy or reproduce any aspect of the exam.
  • Not engage others, or attempt to engage others, to complete a course or write an exam under a false or fictitious identity.
  • Not complete the exam for another student or provide examination answers to another student.
  • Not share exams on social media or through email exchanges.
  • Not attempt to cheat during exams by accessing external websites, emails, texts, social media or online forums.

Possible Enforcement

Students who do not adhere to TICO’s Exam Protocol may be subject to the following sanctions:

  • Failing grade(s) or nullified marks;
  • The Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) may take further measures, if necessary based on the circumstances.

Students will be expected to agree to TICO’s Exam Protocol before starting the exam and again after the exam.