Oliver's Proctoring System (OPS)™

The TICO Education Standards Exams are now all written online, giving each student the added advantage of being tested in the comfort of their home or office.

OPI’s Oliver’s Proctoring System (OPS) verifies the student’s identity and ensures the integrity of the examination process.

OPS consists of three components:

  • Identicheck™ scans the student’s government-issued photo ID through their webcam and verifies that the student’s information has been registered.
  • The OPS Plugin Chrome extension records the content visible on the student’s screen during the timed exam period, and ensures that the student is using only one monitor.
  • The Digital Lock™ download ensures that for the duration of their exam, the student can only view the exam website, and not use any other internet references.

During exams, OPS monitors students by recording audio and video via webcam to ensure the highest standards of instructional compliance.

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